Vibra Healthcare Welcomes Matthew Marakis as CEO of Vibra Hospital of Boise

Vibra Healthcare is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Marakis, MBA, MSM, as the new chief executive officer of Vibra Hospital of Boise. As CEO, Marakis will take on the operational and strategic leadership of the Boise, Idaho, critical care hospital.

Marakis will join a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who carry out the hospital’s mission of caring for individuals requiring extended periods of hospitalization to manage their highly complex medical conditions. In 2023, the hospital served over 350 patients facing a range of serious conditions such as respiratory failure—including ventilator management and weaning—sepsis and infectious diseases, traumatic injuries, multi-organ dysfunction, and severe wounds.

Drawing on his background in inpatient rehabilitation hospital operations and skilled nursing facility administration, including managing a ventilator and tracheostomy care program, Marakis is uniquely equipped to lead the hospital. Furthermore, Marakis previously excelled as a talent acquisition manager at Vibra Healthcare and brings his extensive experience in healthcare recruiting to the CEO role.

Marakis expressed his enthusiasm for returning to Vibra and serving the Boise community. “I am thrilled to be back at Vibra and to once again call Boise my home,” he remarked. “Vibra Hospital of Boise plays a crucial role in our community, providing essential care for individuals suffering from critical and chronic medical problems. It is truly an honor to serve these community members and support them and their families during such a challenging time in their lives. I feel deeply privileged to be part of a dedicated team committed to this noble mission.”

With a sincere passion for fostering teamwork and innovation in the workplace, Marakis endeavors to cultivate an environment that encourages professional growth and collaboration. Despite being a smaller specialty hospital, Marakis aspires to position Vibra Hospital of Boise as one of the most prominent and sought-after employers within the Treasure Valley healthcare community.

As Vibra Hospital of Boise’s new CEO, Marakis looks forward to serving the local community and working alongside the hospital’s dedicated team.

Vibra Healthcare’s chief human resources officer, Wayne Mackey, expressed enthusiasm for Marakis’s appointment and vision. “Matthew brings to this role not only a wealth of expertise but also a profound commitment to Vibra’s core values of compassion, innovation, and teamwork. His strategic vision for Vibra Hospital of Boise aligns perfectly with our mission of providing exceptional patient care while fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment for employees. It’s an honor to introduce Matthew on behalf of the organization, and I look forward to witnessing the impact he will undoubtedly make in his new role.”

Marakis is a member of the American College for Healthcare Executives. Outside work, he finds joy in spending quality time with his spirited three-year-old daughter, Luna. He also enjoys exploring the great outdoors and embarking on motorcycle rides.